Script Development
You have a screenplay that needs re-writing, polishing or further development.

Project Development
You have a project with some attachments, but need help with financing and producing.

Production Support
You plan to shoot in the New York or East Coast area and need help setting up the production and finding locations.

Line Producing
You have a financed project and need someone to plan and execute the physical production, from scheduling and budgeting to organizing the shoot.

You have a part financed project and are looking for a production partner in the US, or in the UK. We do domestic as well as international co-productions.

Finishing & Marketing
Your movie is shot and you are looking for help finishing and marketing it.

You are interested in film investments and would like to learn more.



Sometimes you want to focus on the creative aspects of producing, and you prefer for someone else to take care of the day-to-day physical part of production.

We can act as line-producers and take care of everything, while you concentrate on the financing, directing and creative parts of movie making. We will get paid a regular fee, as part of the production budget, and you won't have to share any profits or ownership of the project.