Hans Falk – Painting the Light

A Documentary by Ernst Soler, produced by Michael Gunther


Hans Falk was among the most important contemporary Swiss artists. Born between the wars, he lived in Switzerland, Ireland, New York, London and the volcanic Mediterranean Island of Stromboli. Among his best known work are his posters from the 30s and 40s, his New York and London drawings, his circus paintings and his abstract paintings from the Stromboli years.

Director Ernst Soler had known Hans Falk for several years and for this film spent time with him in his homes in Switzerland and Stromboli.



Hans Falk tells him of his fight against the growing fascination with the Nazis in Switzerland before World War II, of his part in the Hippie Movement in the 60s and seventies, of his time he spent in the art scenes of major world cities, his life in the lonely wilderness of the Celtic coasts of Ireland and Cornwall, and the fascination with the volcanic island of Stromboli.













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