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Michael Gunther started out in feature films after directing and producing commercials in Europe for almost a decade, with such highlights as a commercial series collaboration with Academy Award winning DP Russell Boyd (Master and Commander, Liar Liar) in Australia. He then turned his sights to documentary and feature films and started producing TV documentaries with his own company, among them a portrait of acclaimed painter Hans Falk, and a harrowing account of the devastating 1999 earthquake in Turkey. He also wrote and directed The Honeytrap starring acclaimed British actress Emily Lloyd.

Michael went on to produce and line-produce a number of independent, New York based features and prize winning shorts. He was co-producer of the film Anamorph (dir: Henry Miller, prod: Marissa McMahon for Kamala Films), starring Willem Dafoe, Scott Speedman, Peter Stormare and Clea Duvall, with renowned DP Fred Murphy (Mothman Prophecies, Secret Window, Auto Focus, RV), and legendary production designer Jack De Govia (Die Hard I & III, Speed, 40 Year Old Virgin, Stepford Wives). Returning to his roots, Michael also directed the 2nd Unit shoots on Anamorph. The movie is theatrically distributed by IFC in the US and has sold in over 35 overseas territories (UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, South Africa, Greece, Middle East, Portugal, Colombia, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, Eastern Europe, etc.).

Michael has structured tax credit and finance deals in both Europe and the US and has been involved with film sales and marketing campaigns, including festival and film market outings in Cannes, Berlin and London.

Neil Keane has been working in the financial markets for over 20 years and has a wide range of experience, covering futures & options broking, financial journalism and proprietary trading. He has worked for a number of leading organizations in London and Sydney including Barclays Capital, Man Group subsidiary GNI, derivatives exchange Liffe and Dow Jones & Co. He now concentrates on trading systems development and structured products. He joins Triboro Pictures as head of finance and marketing.

Alex Blakeney has worked in the entertainment industry for the past several years in various capacities. His experience ranges from big budget projects, such as the Live Earth concert series and the spy thriller Salt, starring Angelina Jolie, to lower budget project like Death and Beauty.  Favorite projects include Sweet Lorraine, starring Academy Award winner Tatum O’Neal, and time spent working for the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park series. Alex comes to Triboro as an associate producer.

Vikas Bandhu has worked in numerous production capacities for a wide variety of projects. He has participated as Assistant Director, Producer and in various other production functions on projects like Heights (Merchant/Ivory), Far From Heaven and Talk To Me, as well as on several television series. Vikas joins Triboro as associate producer and heads the development department.

Polina Bittau joins Triboro Pictures with a wealth of production experience as production manager and chief office coordinator.